Records Management Program

The Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services, Bureau of Archives and Records Management offers a variety of services to handle Florida State University's records management, retention and storage needs. Whether your department needs the space utilized by old files that should be destroyed, microfilmed or stored or you simply need to know how long certain records are to be retained, the answers are all here.

Records are stored at the Bureau of Archives and Records Management, Florida Records Storage Center, located at 4319 Shelfer Road in Tallahassee.

Services provided by the Records Center include:

  • Low cost storage of records
  • Pick-up and delivery of records
  • Consulting services pertaining to Records Center policies and procedures
  • Retrieval and delivery of records within 24 hours
  • After hours emergency retrieval and delivery of records within 2 hours
  • Storage for oversized records (i.e. blueprints)
  • Restricted access to stored records
  • Disposal of records meeting retention guidelines
  • Microfilm and magnetic tape storage
  • Document imaging services