Records Disposal

How to complete the Records Disposition form:

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All University departments must have a fully executed Records Disposition Request (Forms & Publications) on file prior to destroying any public records.  This is in accordance with the rules set out in Chapter 1B-24, Florida Administrative Code.

Section 257.36(6), F.S. states that "[a] public record may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of only in accordance with retention schedules established by the division." This means that all records, regardless of access provisions (see Section 119.07, F.S.), must be covered by a retention schedule before disposition can occur. Agencies must first identify an appropriate current records retention schedule (either a general schedule or an individual schedule) or create and receive approval for a new records retention schedule before disposing of any record series.


Steps for Disposal of Records:

Complete a Records Disposition Request (Forms & Publications)

Boxes 1 - 3 identifies the division/department/section the records currently reside in.

   Box 1:  Agency Name - Florida State University, departmental name, departmental mail code

   Box 2:  Agency Contact - Name & phone number

   Box 3:  Notice of Intention - Choose option from list

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Box 4: Person responsible for the records in your division/department/section will sign authorizing the disposition.  Check with your supervisor if you are unsure who should sign.

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Box 5:  List of Record Series - Describes the types of records you wish to dispose of.  The files described below are for example purposes only.

     a. Schedule No. - Records Retention Schedule (i.e.: GS-1SL, GS-5)

     b. Item No. - as listed in the Records Retention Schedule (i.e.: 116)

     c. Title - as listed in the Records Retention Schedule (i.e.: Attendance & Leave Records)

     d. Retention - as listed in the Records Retention Schedule (i.e.: 3 fiscal years)

     e. Inclusive Dates - dates of the documents you want to destroy

     f. Volume in Cubic Feet - see conversion table

     g. Disposition Action Date and Date Completed After - is not to be completed until you are signing block 7. 

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Once you have filled out boxes 1 though 5g, send the form to the appropriate RMLO for authorization PRIOR to destroying any records!

Box 6: Disposal Authorization - DO NOT SIGN - Authorizing signature from FSU's Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO).

Upon approval of the request, the form will be returned to the contact person.  The division/department/section may dispose of records in an appropriate manner. 

Based on the disposition of the requested documents, Box 7 and 5g must be completed.

Box 7: Disposal Certificate - sign and date AFTER receiving authorization and records have been destroyed.

Box 5g:  Disposition Action and Date Completed

After the form has been completed according to the directions supplied, return the ORIGINAL Records Disposition Request to Melanie Welch, Mail Code: 4112.

If there is a question concerning disposed records, contact Melanie Welch ( to obtain a copy of the Records Disposition Request.